Alphago 2017



  • We all say some of AlphaGo’s moves are so weird and strange and maybe mistakes. But, after a game is finished, we have to doubt ourselves, our judgment. – AlphaGo making another kind of nonsensical throw in. We’re not really sure what that’s about. – This is what 10 or maybe 11 dan play looks like. It looks weird and we don’t quite understand it. – I think it is important to study more about AlphaGo’s mistake-like moves. And maybe we can adjust our knowledge of AlphaGo. – To me the most amazing thing to come out of my understanding of Go, as a result of watching AlphaGo play, are the infamous slack moves. – Well, there’s something strange about the way it’s playing because it’s playing some moves that are not really necessary. – Right. – A slack move is a move that looks lazy. You can see these other better moves and AlphaGo is rejecting them. But what I think AlphaGo is teaching us is that we’ve been using score as a proxy for chance of winning. So the bigger my margin of territory, the more confident I am that I’m gonna win. And AlphaGo is saying no, no, no. It shouldn’t matter how much you win by. You only need to win by a single point. Why should I be seizing all this extra territory when I don’t need it. The lessons that AlphaGo is teaching us are going to influence how Go is played for the next thousand years. –
  • But we could learn important lessons from a computer being so successful at Go. Machines will have the capability, not only to crunch through huge amount of data, but also to analyze it intelligently. Just as in the case of the Go games, the machine made moves that surprised even experts. And, eventually, the machines will gain our confidence because we will see that very, very often they make a better guess than we could have made as humans.

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