Quantum Information Theory

VIDEO: The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don’t Want You to Know

SLIDES: https://photos.app.goo.gl/m3eZYkm6wNRjc5fV2

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Screenshot (19569).png

  • TLDR: You are correlation without correlata ie You are not made of atoms (correlata), you are actually made of bits(correlations) ie information
  • So these are all mathematical manipulations the results of which we interpret in order to tell stories about what our world is like and if you leave it in and what you have is a description of the unadulterated underlying physical reality which is quantum and the reason that’s hard to wrap your brain around is because your brain is classical everything that you are is is classical you’re made of classical bits that are ones are you’re a Turing machine you’re not a quantum computer but you’re made out of a quantum computer and that’s why there’s this fundamental disconnect that will always take a toll on our intuitions it will never go away because they’re really fundamentally different the difference between real numbers and complex numbers the underlying reality is complex but the thing that is processing the information that lets you think about these things is real is made of real numbers
  • David Mermin has contributed to the relational approach in his “Ithaca interpretation.”[8] He uses the slogan “correlations without correlata”, meaning that “correlations have physical reality; that which they correlate does not”, so “correlations are the only fundamental and objective properties of the world”. The moniker “zero worlds”[9] has been popularized by Garret[10] to contrast with the many worlds interpretation.  As David Merman puts it “we are not made of atoms (correlata) we are actually made of bits(correlations). We are our thoughts and these thoughts actually reside. We are a simulation running on a quantum computer



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