Physics drives Sociology

Let’s try to unify a couple of Ideas:

  1. There is no free will. Everything is either random or deterministic.
  2. Physics is the basis of life’s origin and evolution

So together, the above ideas combine to say that using physics (determinism of laws and quantum randomness) life and all it’s variety can come to be.

In that case, it’s not a big stretch to say that the same 2 forces drive human progress (or any other sociological change) and leads to all the things we see around us from electronics to arts.

The things that we say we humans have designed, in absence of free will, might actually be a natural consequence of physics as well. Before we discovered the laws of physics, we believed life too is “designed”, didn’t we?

With randomness and time, and the physical laws favoring complexity and fitness (survival of fittest) in non biological matter (just like they do with biology in the evolution of life) just as well (coz physics is the same for all matter be it biological or not) its easy to see the complexity of society and electronics and systems that we have today.

Moreover, wars etc. can be attributed again to physical (environmental) changes and biology adapting to those changes, just like life adapted to environmental changes over and over in the course of evolution.


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