The Secret Life of Chaos

TL;DR: Universe is fundamentally chaotic (due to quantum fluctuations and unpredictability) but order emerges from this chaos, which we are able to predict at macroscopic levels using the laws of physics that we have inferred.



Physics drives Sociology

Let’s try to unify a couple of Ideas:

  1. There is no free will. Everything is either random or deterministic.
  2. Physics is the basis of life’s origin and evolution

So together, the above ideas combine to say that using physics (determinism of laws and quantum randomness) life and all it’s variety can come to be.

In that case, it’s not a big stretch to say that the same 2 forces drive human progress (or any other sociological change) and leads to all the things we see around us from electronics to arts.

The things that we say we humans have designed, in absence of free will, might actually be a natural consequence of physics as well. Before we discovered the laws of physics, we believed life too is “designed”, didn’t we?

With randomness and time, and the physical laws favoring complexity and fitness (survival of fittest) in non biological matter (just like they do with biology in the evolution of life) just as well (coz physics is the same for all matter be it biological or not) its easy to see the complexity of society and electronics and systems that we have today.

Moreover, wars etc. can be attributed again to physical (environmental) changes and biology adapting to those changes, just like life adapted to environmental changes over and over in the course of evolution.

The final “But Why”

If you try to play the “But Why” game where one person answers everything with “But Why” eg. It’s raining. “But Why”  Coz water vapor in clouds crossed equilibrium. “But Why” …..(after explaining why elements exist and going all the way back to the big bang)…”But Why”. Coz there is something rather than nothing and that something is a quantum graph whose behavior/existance can be explained by the laws of physics. “But Why?” Coz what exists exists and what doesn’t doesn’t

Pure Information Processing

PIP stands for Pure (Ideology free) Information Processing.

Let’s unravel this from first principles. Yes, nothing has any inherent meaning or purpose and all that, but these facts don’t help decide what to do from one moment to the next. Hence, keeping all meaning and ideologies aside, what are we left with?

All that remains under all the layers of ideology (both genetic and societal and Identity) is the fact that there is Information (universe) and there is a Information Processing System (Brain) and there is no choice.

So let the information processing system process information without negative ideologies hampering the processing of information and realization of knowledge. Help the universe know itself.

But Why? What For? The reason this brain in this GB exists today is coz the universe by virtue of its laws and quantum randomness gave rise to complexity and with sufficient complexity, was able to know(/be aware of) itself (consciousness). In the quantum graph, information processes itself (remember , there is no choice so as humans we haven’t done anything at all ever, and all ideologies (genetic and social) have risen from information processing in universe ie the universe engaging in knowing itself) and so you have no reason to hinder this process of the universe’s enlightenment and in fact coz there is no external time, one can rest assured that the coz there is a state of the universe (our present) where it knows itself (via consciousness), there exists another state of the universe (our future) where the universe has completely known itself (universe’s enlightenment aka universal super consciousness aka consciousness and realization of the true nature of the universe and it’s secrets unlike the pinhole sized limited consciousness of just our senses and quantum nature of the universe and wild untested theories like the String Theory etc).


Retrocausality (An Alternative to Quantum Entanglement)

retrocausality assumes that influences can travel backwards in time. When an experimenter decides how to measure a particle, that choice can influence the properties of that particle — or, an entangled particle in the past. This, therefore, makes the “action at a distance” part of Einstein’s definition unnecessary. Instead, the entanglement effect becomes retrocausal influence. That being said, it’s not the same thing as sending signals back in time.

The appeal of retrocausality

First, to clarify what retrocausality is and isn’t: It does not mean that signals can be communicated from the future to the past—such signaling would be forbidden even in a retrocausal  due to thermodynamic reasons. Instead, retrocausality means that, when an experimenter chooses the measurement setting with which to measure a particle, that decision can influence the properties of that particle (or another particle) in the past, even before the experimenter made their choice. In other words, a decision made in the present can influence something in the past.

In the original Bell tests, physicists assumed that retrocausal influences could not happen. Consequently, in order to explain their observations that distant particles seem to immediately know what measurement is being made on the other, the only viable explanation was action-at-a-distance. That is, the particles are somehow influencing each other even when separated by large distances, in ways that cannot be explained by any known mechanism. But by allowing for the possibility that the measurement setting for one particle can retrocausally influence the behavior of the other particle, there is no need for action-at-a-distance—only retrocausal influence.

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About 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system, the Sun, and the Earth were formed. Four steps followed…

  1. 3.5 billion years ago, the first simple life forms, called “prokaryotes,” came into existence. These prokaryotes were super-simple, microscopic single-celled organisms, basically a bag of cytoplasm with free-floating DNA. They had neither a distinct nucleus nor specialized organelles. Fast-forwarding one billion years…
  2. 2.5 billion years ago, the next step in evolution created what we call “eukaryotes” — life forms that distinguished themselves by incorporating biological “technology” into themselves. This technology allowed them to manipulate energy (via mitochondria) and information (via chromosomes) far more efficiently. Fast forward another billion years for the next step…
  3. 1.5 billion years ago, these early eukaryotes began working collaboratively and formed the first “multi-cellular life,” of which you and I are the ultimate example (a human is a multicellular creature of 10 trillion cells).
  4. The final step I want to highlight happened some 400 million years ago, when lungfish crawled out of the oceans onto the shores, and life evolved from the oceans onto land.


Today, at a massively accelerated rate — some 100 million times faster than the steps I outlined above — life is undergoing a similar evolution. In this next stage of evolution, we are going from evolution by natural selection (Darwinism) to evolution by intelligent direction.

Allow me to draw the analogy for you:

  1. Simple humans today are analogous to prokaryotes. Simple life, each life form independent of the others, competing and sometimes collaborating.
  2. Just as eukaryotes were created by ingesting technology, humans will incorporate technology into our bodies and brains that will allow us to make vastly more efficient use of information (BCI) and energy.
  3. Enabled with BCI and AI, humans will become massively connected with each other and billions of AIs (computers) via the cloud, analogous to the first multicellular lifeforms 1.5 billion years ago. Such a massive interconnection will lead to the emergence of a new global consciousness and a new organism I call the “meta-intelligence.”
  4. Finally, humanity is about to crawl out of the gravity well of Earth to become a multi-planetary species. Our journey to the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and beyond represents the modern-day analogy of journey made by lungfish climbing out of the oceans some 400 million years ago.


Four primary driving forces are leading us towards our transformation of humanity into a meta-intelligence both on and off the Earth:

  1. We’re wiring our planet
  2. Emergence of brain-computer interface
  3. Emergence of AI
  4. Opening of the Space Frontier