Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes Our Lives

Everything likes to live where it’ll age more slowly and gravity pulls it there

The gravity that we feel on earth is due to time slowing on earth

Does gravity dictate the flow of time, or does time itself define gravity?



Amazingly when you add life and consciousness to the equation you can actually explain some of the biggest puzzles of science.
Modern science cannot explain why the laws of physics are exactly balanced for animal life to exist.
Our thoughts have an order, not of themselves, but because the mind generates the spatio-temporal relationships involved in every experience.

Lawrence Krauss – Hidden Realities: The Greatest Story Ever Told.. So Far

Reality for a person is what he measures..for instance, a person next to a pen will measure it to be 8cm and a person far away will see it as 4 cm…and they’re both correct..

The Space Time unification by einstein was the first great unification in physics…2D Pictures are not only Space but also time slices, coz they capture a moment as it happened for different people at different times…like if its a photo of the room of people, the photo of person in front of room will be a billionth of a sec in the past (coz that’s how long light took to reach from him to the camera) and that of a person at the back of the room will be say 5 times a billionth of a sec coz he’s farther away from the camera

We live in a 4D space-time reality, and so what we see at any instant, depending on our relative state of motion, is a different 3D slice of space. We’re like people in Plato’s cave, thinking that we live in 3D while real world is in 4D

Feinmen realized that empty space is not empty..virtual particles are popping in and out of existance all the time…In fact, most of the properties of a proton are detirmined not by the quarks in it, but by these virtual particles…a virtual particle is like a quanta of the em (electroMagnetic) field, which we call a photon.

When 2 electrons repel each other, it’s actually that 1 e- is emitting a virtual particle (a virtual photon, as photon is quanta of em field), which is then absorbed by the other e- and hence it seems to be repelled…

Hence electric force is thought of as the exchange of fact with out QM (Quantum Mechanics) understanding aka QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics), we see that all forces are indeed exchange of partices..

The Neutron is radioactive…It would independantly decay in 10 min if left alone…but coz in the nucleus, it’s bound, hence it’ll take external energy (0.1% of it’s mass) for it to decay..

In a superconductor, the electrons attract each other and hence form a QM state whereby resistance is zero (bose einstein condensate, BEC)…If you lived inside a superconductor, you would experience EM as short range force, and a photon to be massive…just like in our world, weak force (responsible for radioactivity) is short range…

So, to understand why weak force is so weak wrt EM, we can imagine that we’re living in a kinda superconductor, where, just like the BEC, there’s a field that exists all over, which causes particles that convey the weak force, to interact with it and slow down due to resistance, while photon doesn’t and so continues to move at speed of light and is massless…This allows us to understand the weak force with the same concepts and maths as EM and hence reconciles the two…whereas the higgs particles look to us that they’re massive and their force is short range…This unification shows that EM and Weak force is the same, and just appears different to us coz there’s a background that W and Z (particles that carry weak force) and interact with while photon doesn’t..this is the 2nd Great Unification

This same unification was done using the same principles as above, for unifying the strong force with EM, the Trinity of Unification…This was done by 1975..and finally evidence of the higgs field and its corresponding carrier, the higgs particle was discovered by the LHC in 2012…

The best state of mind for a physicist to be in, is either wrong or confused…coz that keeps them on their toes…

Common sense is not the right guide to understanding the universe…Common sense evolved for us to run away from lions in the savannah

There are 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe…but that’s us looking at the light from those galaxies from way past…In actual terms, over time these galaxies collide and cannibalize and so today there are 400 Billion galaxies only left

The universe might be infinite, OR it might be finite, but with infinite number of them…


Virtual Particles

Virtual particles don’t really exist as independent, self-sustaining particles. That’s why they are called “virtual”. Virtual particles acquire existence when they turn into real particles. This may make more sense if we go away from a particle picture and look at it more from a field picture. Various quantum fields spread out through all space and just exist. Because of intrinsic uncertainty, there are transient little ripples in a quantum field (these are the virtual particles). A given ripple quickly goes away without turning into anything significant because there is nothing to keep it going. However, if energy (and perhaps other things like momentum) arrives at the ripple and is absorbed, it can stimulate the ripple into a self-sustaining wave pattern (these are the real particles). We therefore say that a virtual particle is promoted to a real particle when it absorbs the right amount of energy (and perhaps other things). The important part is that conservation laws such as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum must be obeyed. If virtual particles had a significant existence on their own, they would break conservation laws.

For instance, consider the process of the spontaneous emission of a photon by an electron that was excited but relaxes to a lower energy state (such as in a fluorescent light bulb). In this process, the excited electron resonates with a virtual photon, and thereby transfers its energy to the virtual photon. As a result, the electron has lost energy and is in a lower-energy state, and the virtual photon has gained energy, transformed into a real photon, and shoots away to illuminate your room.

So how do virtual particles happen in the first place? Virtual particles are just a manifestation of the innate uncertainty of quantum fields.

Note that in this entire discussion I have talked about virtual particles in the context of vacuum fluctuations. Virtual particles can also be used to describe real, permanent, static fields.

The Standard Model of particle physics predicts the mass of the Z boson, but the measured value differed a little. This small difference could be explained in terms of the time the Z spent as a virtual top quark if such a top quark had a certain mass. When the top quark mass was directly measured a few years later at the Tevatron collider at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago, the value agreed with that obtained from the virtual particle analysis, providing a dramatic test of our understanding of virtual particles.

Another very good test some readers may want to look up, which we do not have space to describe here, is the Casimir effect, where forces between metal plates in empty space are modified by the presence of virtual particles.

Thus virtual particles are indeed real and have observable effects that physicists have devised ways of measuring. Their properties and consequences are well established and well understood consequences of quantum mechanics.


The Human Algorithm

According to life sciences Human beings are not individuals, but dividuals ie a collection of algorithms, lacking a single self or identity, that have been shaped over millions of years by natural selection.

These algorithms are shaped by genes and environmental conditions and take decisions either deterministically or randomly (stemming from quantum randumness) but never Freely…

An external algo can know us better than our internal algos…by monitoring our body and brain and genes…Then this algo will easily represent us in our feelings and wants and can replace me in voting, customer and the beholder..and will always be right and beauty will be in calculations of this algo…Authority will hence shift from humans to these algorithms who are doing our jobs and who know us inside out…