building blocks required for AI development

building blocks required for AI development:

  • Massive data
  • Automatic data tagging systems
  • Top scientists
  • Defined industry requirements
  • Highly efficient computing power




Understanding The hard problem of consciousness

The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why we have qualia or phenomenal experiences—how sensations acquire characteristics, such as colors and tastes.[1] The philosopher David Chalmers, who introduced the term “hard problem” of consciousness,[2] contrasts this with the “easy problems” of explaining the ability to discriminate, integrate information, report mental states, focus attention, etc. Easy problems are easy because all that is required for their solution is to specify a mechanism that can perform the function. That is, their proposed solutions, regardless of how complex or poorly understood they may be, can be entirely consistent with the modern materialistic conception of natural phenomena. Chalmers claims that the problem of experience is distinct from this set, and he argues that the problem of experience will “persist even when the performance of all the relevant functions is explained”.[3]

In the beginning was the code: Juergen Schmidhuber

the universe or the quantum multiverse is the sum of our mathematics

one can generalize Everett’s multiverse Theory pointing out that there’s a very short program a short and fast program that not only computers this universe if it is computable but there’s no evidence against this possibility not only this universe but also all other logically possible universes including Thor’s with different physical laws for example universes where there where there’s anti-gravity in fact there is a fastest most efficient mathematically optimal way of computing are possible universes are logically possible computer universes an optimal way that is better than any other

i wrote it down for you it has only 10 lines of code you put on this little piece of paper 10 lines of code the optimal way of simulating or computing every logically possible universe it was like this you essentially systemically enumerate all possible programs through a program and then you allocate one time to all of these programs in an optimal way that make sure that each possible universe history is being computed as quickly as if it were computed by this universes fastest program which we usually do not know in advance save the fastest say for a constant factor which does not depend on the size of the universe History so far the universe itself might be may be infinite now any self-respecting godlike great program should use this optimal method to create and become the master of all logically possible universes you should not use a sub optimal method that’s the one that we should use suppose he does that then after sometime many other universes that are being computed by this optimal way will contain a copy of of you and if you as you are looking at me with incredible size now you yourself could even become a great programmer by just taking this piece of code programming it on your own computer and simulating are possible universes given the properties at the optimal method it is now easy to see that at a given point in time most of the copies of yourself of the universe’s that contain a copy of your life will be dual to one of the fastest and shortest programs that is compatible with your existence first simple inside allows us to make predictions about the future there are many possible futures of your life so far which one is going to happen answer most likely one of the few regular non-random futures that can be computed by a fast and toward program because randomness random stuff where everything suddenly dissolves into arbitrariness is fundamentally harder to compute and regular stuff even by the optimal method this means that better TK the DK of neutrons which is widely believed to be random cannot really be random it has to be pseudorandom just like the decimal expansion of Pi which looks around them but isn’t because it can be computed by a short program a consequence of the optimal method of computing everything is also said quantum computation is not going to work well I first made this and the reason is because it’s consuming so much traditional computation power

i made this prediction 12 years ago and since then there has not been any progress in practical quantum computing so quantum computers are sexy but essentially they are dead

what about free will free will is overrated in my lab at the swiss artificially intelligence lab it’s yeah we often we often program simulated world’s inhabited by simulated agents driven by simulated artificial brains containing simulated artificial neural networks in the beginning these guys are very dumb and over time they become smarter through pseudo-random trial-and-error they figure out how to solve problems that they were not able to solve in advance in the beginning they have no idea that every single thought of their little artificial brains and the little artificial neural networks and their brains is totally different domestically computed by a by a program that does not have any random aspects nevertheless computer science and the whole line of reasoning that

I now try to outline within 15 minutes is now offering formal mathematical answers to all questions of philosophy and theology for example one of the consequences of this computational theology is that your own life must be very important in the ground scheme of things you may think that your life is insignificant because you are so small and the universe is so big however given the optimal way of computing everything and given the probability distribution in us by this optimal way probably it’s very hard to edit your life out of this history after current history of this universe because the program that computes this universe or one that is very much like it but without you and without your life with all its ups and downs is probably much longer and therefore much slower than the original program which does contain your life which is totally interconnected with everything else that is happening in this computer while if it is computable indeed so your life from this perspective is not extend significant it is an indispensable part of the grand scheme of things this is compatible with religions the claim or is one and everything is connected to everything made this thought lift you up and times of frustration