Are we here for a reason…A Scientific Take

ref: Through.the.Wormhole.S06E03.Are.We.Here.for.a.Reason.HDTV.x264-FUM


  1. One experiment shows that the thousands of mutations over generations are just probabilities playing out until Jackpot hits, and the organism evolves be leaps and bounds. It’s really about the right mutation at the right time, but it all comes down to probability.
  2. We may think that we’re free to choose our purpose, but the might not be the case as our genes decide what we’re good at and hence drive our purpose.
  3. Memes are ideas that spread. Apart from spreading genes ( by reproducing), our purpose might be to spread ideas.
  4. Memes are cultural equivalent of Genes. They represent info that gets copied from person to person. Memes compete with each other for our attention so that they spread more, and in this way they evolve. For instance, there was a meme about fighting with stones, then it evolved into a meme about fighting with swords and then guns and so on…evolution.
  5. Knocking on the door and shaking someone’s hand are all memes, ie ideas that stuck and spread out.
  6. A Treme is a Technological Meme, ie an Idea that;s spread using technology. Live music is a Meme while recorded audio is a Treme.
  7. Life can also be defined as a self replicating algorithm. A complex machine that processes info and then makes copies of itself. Evolution is driven towards becoming better information processors. In fact all the technology we develop is to assist us in becoming better information processors.
  8. Some scientists believe that with Humans, having the most finely tuned and highly optimized  and complex senses, Evolution has finally reached the tipping point, and we live on the edge between order and disorder. Our cells also live in such state, optimized to the edge, the point of failure/disorder.
  9. Living with a purpose doesn’t only help you end somewhere you choose to go, but also changes the way you live life and look at things.
  10. Having a purpose does not make daily life easier, but it makes events in life easier to handle and deal with. A Purpose constantly reminds one that they’ll not be in the present state forever, and that they’ll end up in a much better place eventually. Purpose gives Hope to Life.
  11. We as a species may not have an ultimate purpose, but finding a reason and believing in it might be all the purpose that we need.

Future affects the past

People say that, my entire life has led me to this, but according to “Through.the.Wormhole.S06E02.Can.Time.Go.Backwards.”, the future actually affects the past.

For instance, for a particular future event to exist, the present choices are limited by it, like if you are a lawyer in the future, that means that in the present you cannot study engineering or architecture, but instead study law.

People work better in teams of their choice

This weekend I watched this much awaited (by me) starting episode of this TTW season, and was happy to see a study that they showed whereby people are much happier and productive when they’re allowed to work with people they’re compatible wirh…

This is obvious, when you think about it, but sadly, not something that is allowed in big corporations and firms…

You can catch the whole episode here: