Talks At Google: Amanda Gefter, “Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn”



  1. What is real is what is invariant (same in every reference frame)
  2. Einstein put forth this principle by figuring out that speed of light is finite and there is a horizon to the universe, a bubble extending 14.2* 2 light years, coz light from matter beyond that hasn’t reached us yet…and how do we know that there is matter beyond that? Coz we know that space is expanding faster than the speed of light
  3. So everyone is in the center of their own bubble and horizon is different for everyone…hence the notion of Reference point being different for everyone
  4. Hence he said that what is real has to be same in all reference frames
  5. Now in the study of all the things that we consider as fundamental to the universe, Einstein started by proving that space and time are not invariant but Space-Time together is
  6. But then hawking proved that Space-Time itself is not invariant, from his work on Black Holes
  7. Then String Theory was aimed at proving that all that’s real is Strings, but it’s now been proved that strings too are not invariant